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If that is the case for you, begin to pursue a relationship with Him so that He can show you the love that He already feels for you. If you already have a relationship with Him, unrepentant sin will keep that relationship from being as close as it should be. Again, this type of thing is seen in every day human relationships. Did you ever have a serious disagreement with your spouse or best friend or parent? In the midst of that, did you still love them and did they still love you? Yes, of course. Though the strength of the love was not diminished, did each of you feel that love in the same way? Probably not. In that disagreement, each of you probably felt that you were right, for your own reasons, and the fact that the other side was not willing to relent probably felt unjust and maybe even hurtful.

We still can feel the same sense of alienation and lack of closeness as in disagreements with other people. However, there is one huge difference. He still loves us that much. If you do already know Him, no matter what sin you may currently struggle with, He wants that relationship to remain a close one. No one who loves you enough to willingly do what He did for you would turn His back on you. We sometimes forget that. Every last one of us have things in our past that we are not proud of or are even deeply ashamed of. A little guilt can be good because it can aid in repentance. A little shame can motivate us not to make the same shameful mistake again.

However, too much guilt and shame often drags us down and causes us not to rejoice in the freedom that we have found in Christ or keeps us from seeking that freedom in the first place. That is truly tragic and it is certainly the last thing God wants for us because it keeps us from a close relationship with Him or keeps us from having a relationship with Him at all. We need to lay down that baggage. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do.

Paul wrote this, speaking of himself. Paul is probably the greatest evangelist to have ever lived. No one can argue the point that God used Paul in very mighty ways. Paul hated sin, he preached against sin, and yet he struggled with sin. Here is the Scott Duck translation of that passage: Rather, He sees the righteousness of Christ. So, we should quit beating ourselves up for not paying the bill that we could never pay but that He already paid. We should embrace the wonderful freedom that we have or can have in Him, freedom from sin, freedom from guilt, freedom from hopelessness.

Absolutely nothing can separate us from His love but many things can separate us from feeling that love and abiding in it. We must choose to turn from our sin and accept the gift that He already payed for long ago, in order to establish a relationship with Him. We must choose to do our absolute best to remain repentant, in order to keep that relationship as close as it needs to be.

We must choose to stop trying to pay a bill that He already paid. We must choose these things. As in all relationships, establishing and maintaining the relationship is dependent on actions on both sides. God has already done what He needs to do. Have you? A while ago, my youngest child, Nathan, who is six, came up to me on a Saturday afternoon, complaining that he had not gotten to play on the X-box yet that day and, because of this, he thought that the world was about to end. Our five kids had worked out a rotation of turns for playing the X-box that day, a specific order of who would play when and the amount of time for them to play.

They had all discussed this and all agreed to it. When I asked him about it, he agreed that this was so. He fully understood why having turns was necessary and he admitted that he had agreed to his turn being set when it was. He had gotten tired of the way things were supposed to work and he wanted what he wanted and he wanted it now. There are established standards concerning what is acceptable for me to do and how I can go about doing it. Sometimes, those standards can feel a bit too constraining. I find myself in situations where I know how things are supposed to work and, if I really think about it, I usually understand why they are supposed to work that way.

I want what I want and I want it to be on my time table. I bet you can identify with Nate too. There are human relationships which are meant to reflect our relationship with God. One of those relationships is the relationship between parent and child. He has a rigidly set bed time. He has to finish his homework before he can play. Anyone understands about such things. Anyone who loves us that much would not set down rules and guidelines in order to make us unhappy or to enjoy life less.

However, He loves us enough that our well being, especially our eternal well being, is His primary concern, not our happiness. Even though Nathan sometimes thinks he knows what is best for him, I better know what is best for him. If I would let him, he would love to eat cookies and chips all day long and go to bed whenever he wants. I know that letting him pursue that path would lead to obesity and diabetes and generally poor health. He has reasons for those standards, even though we may not always know or understand those reasons. Isaiah Proverbs God does not think the way we think and His way is always best. Our way, no matter how good it may feel at the moment, leads to spiritual death.

We must make His ways our ways. In order to do that, we have to get to know Him. In order to do that, we have to spend time in His Word. As you do this, ask for help and look for resources that can help you to better understand what you are studying. In time, you will come to better understand why God sets the standards that He does. After all, it is obedience in the absence of understanding that really defines faith. Last week, I talked about how Christians can be overly judgmental and how that comes across to other Christians and to the lost world.

This week, I want to talk about the flip side of that, why Christians should judge, even though it will offend, as long as we do it the right way. This is part of the sermon on the mount and it is often quoted, in whole or in part, along with an admonishment not to ever judge other people. Yes, it does say that, but what was Jesus really saying here? We must carefully examine Scripture to see what the true meaning is and not take it out of context and assign our own meaning. One way to help to find the true meaning of Scripture is to look it along with other Scripture which covers similar principles.

Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? In Matthew 7: He then talks about the consequences of not doing that. This, of course, is a form of judgement. This is a form of judgement that He intended others to exercise. Did He get confused between verses 1 and 16? God is never wrong and, as such, will never contradict Himself, even when it may initially appear so. Therefore, we have to reconcile verses 1 through 5 with verses 15 through How do we do that? If you are trying to help someone with their sin, while not holding similar sin in your own life in check, you are being a hypocrite.

It will also impair your ability to truly address that sin in love. Both these things can only be done in Christ and require a strong relationship with Him. Your own sin hampers that relationship. Everyone struggles with sin, as I said last week, but if you are letting sin reign in your life, then you need to ask God to help you to judge yourself rightly and take your own sin to Him before you start Judging the sin in others lives.

God reserves that job for Himself. If you are walking closely with Him and taking your own sin to Him daily, then not only is it OK to call sin what it is and point out sin in others lives, but it is necessary in order to live as a disciple of Christ. How can we evangelize lost people and make stronger disciples of other Christians without talking about repentance? That would be like trying to teach someone how to run a bank without mentioning money. We must call sin what it is and urge people to turn from it, but we must be careful how we do that. Paul says that if someone is overtaken in any trespass letting a particular sin reign , those who are spiritual those who are walking closely with Christ and have their own sin in check should restore the person confront them about their sin and urge them to turn from it.

If we are to judge then we must have a standard by which to judge and I will write about that next week. For now, I would like to close by saying this. If you have been hurt by someone being overly harsh in their judgement, I am truly sorry. However, just being willing to call something a sin, because God says it is a sin, is not being judgmental.

The standard is not what the lost world wants it to be and it is not even what Christians want it to be. We who proclaim His name are called to be His representatives in this world. We must do that and we must be very diligent to represent Him accurately while also demonstrating His love. We Christians often come across as being judgmental, both to each-other and to the lost world. However, as I have looked at social media posts recently, this is something that I have been thinking about a lot and so I do want to talk about it a little. But how we do it does matter. This brings me to the second reason why people say that we are being judgmental.

All too often, we are being wrongfully judgmental. We speak out against sexual sin and abortion and addiction and many other things. That is as it should be. Some of us may really believe that is true. We may lead others to believe that is true. Let me assure you, that is not true. Believing that way is wrong and leading others to believe that way is wrong. God does not teach that in His Word and His Word, not our opinion, is the true standard. I am not saying that someone can walk an isle, get baptized, live any way they want, and truly be a Christian. Repentance turning from sin is an important theme that runs throughout Scripture, including the New Testament.

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